Simple Ramblings

Intro to Leading a simpler life

We all seek to break out of the mundane necessities of life. We trudge through our chores grumbling under our breath about the pitfalls of “adulting”. Either rushing through each task or mindlessly performing until it is completed, or even bypassing it and allowing the future self to deal with it later. Then we grumble even louder because the tasks have piled up, or they are done by someone else who in turn begins to feel the added burden. When we begin to lead a slower, quieter life, these tasks or chores take on a new shape. We begin to uncover the magic hidden in the everyday life. While washing dishes instead of listening to a show, or mindlessly washing, instead take this time out for mindful meditation. Listen to the water, feel the water, the dishes in your hands, the smell of the soap, and the subtle movements in your body. This allows you to fully be in the moment, bringing your awareness to the forefront rather than drifting away. Or even play some fun music really loud and sing and dance while you wash the dishes. When making dinner think of all the ingredients you are using and consider the alchemy of creating a meal. Imagine the pot as your cauldron, the wooden spoon as your wand and the product being just the remedy your family needs, all the while cooking with the secret ingredient: love.  Washing your face and hands has become a cleansing and moment to bless and rejoice yourself. Folding laundry is when you listen to a book on tape or a podcast, filling your mind with inspiration. Sweeping or vacuuming the floor has now become a purging of dust and negativity, removing all that does not serve you. When we view these everyday necessities as an opportunity to create magic, we begin to uncover a beautiful, slow and quiet life.