What it means to chase dreams


A poem of sorts.

Call me a dream chaser. For i’ll never stop running towards what I want.

It took me so long to figure out my purpose in the world. I dreamed many dreams about all the possibilities. Too many of them were unrealistic. It was when I was living my life when inspiration dawned upon me.

A joy that appeared from the center of my soul. That is what I felt when I discovered my dream.

But chasing dreams is no easy task.

Once you know, you must dedicate yourself to it. There’s no going back now. Then begins the battle of self doubt. Can you? Will you? Are you able to? What do you have to offer? Can you even be of any service? How will I sustain myself and my family with this dream? Am I really doing the right thing?

You push forward. Because the dream is rooted in your heart. It is all you want. You feel the light within you working its way to the surface. All you want to do is spread that light.

There are victories. Completing task by task that will bring you closer to your goal. Hard work to be done, and boy does it feel amazing to accomplish what you set forth to do.

There are downfalls. Accepting your limitations, believing in yourself, not allowing the opinions of others cloud your dream, and major time limits.

You have to work to make money. This dream doesn’t make money. Not yet. There’s a plan, but I seem so far away from my goal, how will I ever finish?

There are long nights. Moments of panic. Life takes over and you lose focus. A month passes and no tasks have been completed.

But that is ok. Because the dream is still there. The desire still remains. You pick yourself back up, giving yourself that inspiring speech that you can achieve the impossible as long as you keep moving forward.

Step by step you make it a little bit closer. You read, and research, prep, practice, and plan.

And though it is hard, and sometimes it seems you’re never getting any closer, all of it is worth it. You feel happiness simmer below the surface. because you know…

Anything worth having is never easy to get.

And the realization that even if I never fully achieve my dreams, in the end, I will be satisfied that I had never given up.