Who is The Yogi Herbalist? 

Hello everyone!

My name is Sarah, and I am aspiring to become an herbalist. I was inspired to seek this path because I have been struggling with adult acne for years. As I transitioned from a teenager to a young adult it was not as noticeable because I was on birth control, and it kept my hormones in control. In December 2012, at age 26, I took myself off of birth control in pursuit of living as holistically as possible. Within two months my face erupted in cystic acne. It was awful, and quickly began to tear down my self esteem. I saw a dermatologist who prescribed medication that did nothing more than make my entire body feel on fire and make me dizzy all the time. I tried different over the counter facial washes, creams, and medications but found that they either made no difference or enflamed my face further. By this point I was frustrated, and hated to go out in public because I felt like an ‘acne monster’. After reminding myself that the whole point of this was to find a holistic approach to taking care of myself, I turned to the internet to find answers. Amongst the many blogs and articles I read, I found a few solutions that began to help. One woman suggested to stop using store bought facial cleansers all together, and to make an oil face wash. An article I read explained that some adult acne in women is a sign of a hormonal imbalance, so I began to take vitex in capsule form. My post next week will explain what vitex is and how it helps female hormones. During the few months when I lived in Maui I discovered the healing properties of tea tree oil to help ease my sunburns. Over time I began to dilute tea tree oil with a small amount of coconut oil, and dabbed it on the worst parts of my erupted face. It definitely helped bring down the cystic acne. This was just the start. I kept researching, kept experimenting, and over time my face improved. The worst part of the acne began to scar parts of my face and I kept researching, kept experimenting, and over time that too improved. I have to say that I love lavender and frankincense essential oils.

Last year I was cruising one of the more holistic shops in downtown Fredericksburg when I came across a book that opened my world, and my heart, to a new way of living. It was Rosemary Gladstar’s  book Herbal Recipes for Vibrant Health. At first I read it just to help me find more solutions to my unending struggle. I put together a few teas, and something in me just blossomed. It wasn’t until I shared a tea with my Momma, one to help with insomnia, when it clicked in me. I wanted to share health and happiness with as many people as I could. That feeling has always been my desire, the reason why I teach yoga, but this was the way I could truly help innovate the inner workings of the human body. Help support the internal while teaching the external to move. I never felt that teaching yoga was enough, like a part of my path was missing, and learning about what an herbalist is completed that feeling. This is what I am meant to do with my life.

So begins this wondrous journey into learning all that I can be to become an herbalist, and provide holistic solutions to every day ailments or concerns. Combining that with my established (and growing) knowledge in yoga, I present myself to you as The yogi herbalist. Welcome to the exciting start of making my dream job reality.

Have a happy, and blessed week beautiful dreamers.


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